WiLlOw'S wHoA's (willow003) wrote,
WiLlOw'S wHoA's

What Do You Have To Say? - The Perfect Party

Describe your idea of a perfect party.

Me, feeling beautiful, and a room full of really awesome hot guys. Aged 27-37. hee. Thanks. Oh and punch. And maybe a pool. and streamers. Green streamers. And awesome 80's rock music playing softly in the background. ... softly? yes. Envision it. You'll see. Perfect.
Tags: hpentertainment2, perfect party, what do you have to say?, writer's block
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Yours sounds good to me;)
;p okay, I know, it's weird I'm signed into this journal. But I was getting some spam so had to come over and investigate and saw THIS answer to this random writer's block Q. ;p Gotta say, it doesn't sound that bad. ;) I'm STILL waiting for a party like this!! ;p